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by Shivam Gupta

It is an initiative to foster & build community spirit by getting people out of their home & connect each other in an exciting & vibrant way

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Why are you starting this support campaign?

Food is a basic neccessity. Every citizen of this country has the right to food. Hunger is still one of the most urgent development challenges. This initiative is to enable food systems in order to reduce food loss and waste.


The problem:

In India, everyone LOVES food and even every state has a most popular dish. Howver, India wastes large quantities of food on a daily basis adding up to food worth Rs. 58,000 crore annually. At the same time, 194.6 million people sleep hungry everyday.


We at Feeding India are trying to change this with YOUR HELP. We are a not-for-profit social organization which aims to solve the problem of hunger and malnutrition in the country by donating extra nutritious food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, corporate offices to the needy.

Feeding India works with 7500+ volunteers in 55+ cities to collect and donate extra food and also runs employee staffed vans to ensure regular meals for beneficiaries. In a short span of time, Feeding India has served 9.5 million meals.

This World Food Week (9 October - 16 October) we are getting the whole country together to put a stop to massive food loss happening in India and use this excess food to fight hunger by feeding people in need. Through this movement, 50 food distribution systems (Magic Trucks/Bikes) will be set up throughout the country to donate 25,000 meals to people in need every day.

This is a way for YOU to help setp up a van and commit to put an END to food waste in YOUR CITY.

Shivam Gupta

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