by Mahesh Rajpoot

Darpan builds confidence and spread a notion of knowledge among timid children.

  • Lucknow
  • children

Darpan as a community aims at spreading awareness regarding various fields amongst children. One such session was aimed at introducing mime act to children. We showed the participants some of our short films made by us and told about the basic units that we had and the forms of Mime we entertained. Starting from thought selection, act to the technicalities we dwelt in, like sounds, lights etc. This was the basic intro and nothing into the details of any sort but this enlightened the children about how vast this field was. We would also teach them on basic characterization, elements of method acting, wearing a mime costume, use a mirror (or an audience), other basic mime techniques, pretended to be in a box, Took on the wind, Mime eating, Walk in place, to make the mime interesting. We also oriented them about Do’s and Don’t during act.

Mahesh Rajpoot

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