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Indicoin launches INDI Clean and Green Campaign

  •   mihir
  •   01-10-2017
  •   india

Indicoin launches first of its ambitious project of incentivizing socially benefitting deeds on the occasion of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who has been a sole propagator of peace and unity across the world. We want to mark this day in memory of all his great deeds and learning from his life, however small an Idea seems but with great perseverance and dedication you can revolutionise the whole world. His principle of Ahimsa and Non-Violence which changed the existence of the whole country for better clearly proves it.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

In the present time when the whole world is running after bringing successful business models over Blockchain. We stand here with our Social Proposal of Indicoin. Our ICO was just launched on 1st October 2017, with a hope to bring together a difference when each hand extends its help. A global community coming together for a social cause.

This is a chance to commemorate this occasion, we are starting with our Community Build Up program. Following the step we will be initiating with our Social Campaign "Green & Clean Indicoin", we have open up a Bounty of minimum 500 INDI tokens for the participants who successfully perform an act. In this endeavor, we shall promote a message for a greener and cleaner society for all of us.

The event shall encompass the act done by the community which shall later be shared on our platform for the community to see and inspire. Also to promote healthy competition the member leading the board at the end of our ICO we shall reward that member with an attractive price of 100,000 INDI Coins.

Instructions to join the program:

All you have to do is plant a tree or clean your surroundings (either one or both) and upload a live video (Social Proof) on your Facebook and submit the Actual Proof of Work's social link On our website.

  1. Although live videos are encouraged, other innovative solid proofs will be considered, only special cases shall be considered for recorded videos.
  2. We encourage the tasks to be performed in public place, but they can also be performed on your own private property but in open spaces like Lawn, Roadside etc.
  3. One Proof per Day is the limit. Individuals can do multiple in a single day, however, the one with the highest reactions will be counted.
  4. The post made should be "e;Public"e; not limited to Friends or Friends of Friends on various Social Media.
  5. 5. The post should have the hashtag #INDICleanNGreen & #Indicoin to be eligible.
  6. Seriousness and Success of task will increase your reward. The number of likes, shares on your post will also increase your reward by up to 500 INDI Tokens.
  7. Adhere to the Law of land at all times.
  8. Token distribution will be done after the end of token sale.
  9. The campaign will last until 30th October. Entries will be updated twice a week.
  10. After uploading the live video, Fill the form with your name, email, and link to the live video (Social proof).
  11. The Leaderboard will be updated every week. Evaluations will be done on the basis of Social Media Reactions on the post.
  12. Adopting any unfair means or cheating will lead to barring the individual from any and all future campaigns.
  13. Indicoin reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
  14. For any queries, write us on [email protected]

The Best Entry will win 100,000 INDI Tokens and a chance to become Indicoin Social Ambassador after the reaction received on the posts at the end of the Campaign (on the basis of reactions).